When it comes to investment, we rock.

In line with our long-term strategy and the goal of expanding our product portfolio, we have decided to co-finance projects through bond public issues approved by the Czech National Bank. These bonds are a form of investment in carefully selected and verified projects, in which we invest our own funds. 

Why should you invest with us?


Our portfolio contains an elaborate combination of retail parks, residential real estate and development projects. Our motto is: 'No decay, no need for a dentist.' We therefore use the team's years of experience to strategically select projects that are not subject to the majority of risk factors from the perspective of long-term sustainability and stable development.


For the rock-solid future of our company and our clients or investors, we focus on selected retail parks that have proven their resistance even to crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic. We also maintain almost 100% occupancy in them over time. Our second firm pillar is the acquisition and development of carefully selected residential real estate in desirable locations of large cities, where their value increases over time along with growing demand.


Fidurock's experts have many years of experience in the fields of banking and real estate. Our investments and all associated activities are based on an extremely thorough and detailed analysis of the future development of the value of the investment. After acquisitions are completed, we work with selected projects individually in order to increase their added value not only from the perspective of investors, but especially the perspective of our clients, who are our satisfied tenants.

Portfolio value over time

The value is listed in bn CZK

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